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Kids for Peace

Children & Teenagers

As a parent, it can be hard to admit that your child needs help. Perhaps you have been hoping that you can deal with it at home and that it’s just a phase. Or perhaps you are worried that by bringing your child to speak to a professional you could make the situation worse by bringing their attention to it. In the US, a recent study showed that more one in 20 children and teens is suffering from depression and/or anxiety. Based on the UAE’s average class sizes, that’s approximately one child per class.

At Mind Solutions, we are able to offer a warm and reassuring space for children of all ages to feel relaxed and able to speak about their uncomfortable feelings, issues and behaviours in a confidential and non-judgemental therapy setting.  This could be anxiety about being away from home, fear of cats, phobia of swimming pools, self-esteem issues triggered by depression, exam stress or any other issue that is personal but upsetting to them.  Whatever your child or teen’s concerns, our therapists, who are all parents themselves, will engage them in an age-appropriate and professional manner to help them talk through their issues in a positive way.

Additionally, we offer Parent Empowerment sessions in the form one-on-one consultations to equip parents with communication tools and techniques to help support their child through difficult experiences and phases.

If your child is demonstrating or complaining of any of the following signs, you need to actively look for help before it starts to affect their health and well-being:
• Sleep issues
• Stress
• Anger
• Irritation
• Moodiness
• Bed-wetting
• Nail biting
• Detaching from social groups
• Spending too much time on technology
• A shift achievement at school, or concentration
• A decreased interest in their activities
• Sudden weight loss, or weight gain

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