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Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool in supporting parents
through their fertility journey

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Fertility & IVF

You’ve decided to have a baby – congratulations! As soon as you make that monumental decision, you start riding a rollercoaster of emotions… love, excitement, anticipation, perhaps even trepidation. It’s an important milestone event in anyone’s life, as well as a catalyst for major change. Whatever happens next, your life will never be the same again.


For some parents-to-be, thinking about conceiving brings up need to sort out some nagging lifestyle issues, such as quitting smoking, or dealing with weight issues.


For many, it brings some new worries and a seemingly never-ending list of uncertainties. What happens next? Can we afford a baby/healthcare costs/childcare? What is my employer going to say? Am I going to be able to work on five hours of sleep? And, most importantly, what do we know about childbirth and babies?


Planning a pregnancy can often bring other more deep-rooted emotional issues to the surface. Am I going to be a good parent? What if I repeat my parents’ negative parenting style? And what if my body just doesn’t work as it should?


At Mind Solutions, we help parents-to-be at all stages of their pregnancy journey – whether it is to combat addictive behaviours, stress management, birth preparation, or anything else that you might need some support on. The very nature of hypnosis is to bring you to a state of deep relaxation, which in itself is useful when preparing for a new baby with a relaxed body and mind.



For those needing support with conceiving, or going through an infertility journey, we offer emotional and empowering therapy and support. Emotional stress, pressure and worries are common throughout this time with many women saying that their body no longer feels like their own. Additionally, infertility processes can leave conception feeling less about a personal, intimate connection between partners and more about a sterile, medical procedure, which can be disheartening. Talking with a trained professional can help clients to stay on track with their goal and stay positive.

Our specialised fertility sessions are designed to empower our clients with confidence and positivity, providing one-to-one therapy in a compassionate and understanding environment. Additionally, many studies, including a recent study from the Soroka University Medical Centre in Israel (a well-known world-class fertility centre), have proven that using visualisation and hypnosis techniques can drastically increase the success rate of IVF and other fertility processes by up to 50 percent. Because of this, many fertility centres around the world have an in-house hypnotherapist to support clients and boost the rates of successful conceptions and pregnancies.

Using a combination of therapeutic techniques, including NLP, visualisation and hypnotherapy, each session is personalised for the individual client’s story and situation in order to give emotional support needed. Our specialised fertility therapists have a toolbox of resources designed to encourage relaxation and combat stress, while teaching visualisation techniques and self-hypnosis so that clients can continue to build a feeling of confidence in their fertility journey in their own homes between sessions.

So, if you have decided that you would like to have a baby or if you are struggling to get pregnant or even just worried that you might struggle, Tessa is here to reassure you and give you the very best chance of welcoming the baby you dream of and deserve into this world.   

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