Nurturing With Care

The therapists at Mind Solutions have all undergone their own story of change and transformation through therapy. To be able to share our skills and knowledge and see other people benefit from this experience and belief in what we do is the most rewarding vocation in the world.

Our Vision

To nurture change and support personal
growth for every client who seeks our help

Our Mission

To continue to build our professional team of caring therapists who are passionate about empowering people to reach their full potential

How does hypnotherapy work?

Contrary to popular misconception, hypnotherapy is nothing like stage hypnosis; you will not be losing control of your mind, revealing your darkest secrets or clucking like a chicken!  Nor will you get ‘stuck’ in hypnosis. 


Watch the video on this page to see how hypnosis can help you make the changes you want to make, easily and permanently!

Ready to take back control  of your  future happiness?

You really can overcome your life challenges - let us help you...