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While hypnotherapy, CBT and NLP are the tools we at Mind Solutions employ to help people quit smoking in Dubai, we recently found this excellent resource from the Australian government with 6 practical steps detailing the stages of quitting smoking and how to maximise your chance of kicking the addiction in the long term.

If you are interested in seeking proven, professional help for quitting smoking, contact us and ask about our group therapies.

Smoking is addictive.

It's hard to stop, but with help and support, you can quit smoking.

Quitting smoking can be one of the most difficult, yet rewarding, things a person can do. Most smokers say they would like to quit, and may have tried at least once. Some are successful the first time, but others try a number of times before they finally give up for good.

It might take time, it can be hard as your body has become dependent on nicotine, but many people have succeeded in giving up smoking. Become one of them by making a quit plan, using these steps:

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