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“As these issues are removed using hypnotherapy, there is no need for anyone to start smoking again and they are a non-smoker for the rest of their lives,”

How to quit smoking for good

A number of people across the UAE will be looking to finally kick the habit of smoking after New Years.

This interesting article from Gulf News explores the key ways smokers in Dubai use Hypnosis, hypnotherapy, NLP and other techniques to effectively stop smoking:

“According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), someone in the world dies every six seconds from tobacco use, while estimations suggest that one in every two smokers will die from their habit. In fact, it’s predicted that tobacco will kill more than eight million people worldwide annually by 2030. Cigarettes are killers.

“More than 50 of the 4,000 chemicals found in tobacco smoke are known to cause cancer and around 200 are poisonous,” says Dr Seema Anand, specialist physician of internal medicine at Dubai’s Welcare Hospital. These toxins create a number of health hazards for women, which include the risk of reduced fertility, cervical cancer and premature aging.

“Women who smoke are three times more likely to take more than a year to conceive,” she says. “Smoking is also associated with five per cent of infant deaths, ten per cent of preterm babies and 30 per cent of underweight babies.”

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