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What was the first thing you thought about when you found out you were pregnant? Or when someone you knew, your partner, a friend, family member, or colleague, told you they were pregnant?

Most people I have spoken to said it was "Yay, a baby!" Followed shortly by some variation of, "Oh my God".

And most of the time, the latter sentence wasn’t based on the fact they were going to be responsible for another human being and how their life wasn't ever going to be the same again. No, most people’s second thought when they find out about their pregnancy is childbirth.

Now how you think about labour, how everybody thinks about the experience of giving birth, depends almost entirely on what culture and society you are living in and, therefore, what cultural perspectives are pressured upon you, along with the personal anecdotal stories you have been told – from your mum, your nan, your best friend, your next door neighbour, or even the random woman in the supermarket who loves a pregnant belly. These influences all worm their way into your subconscious mind and your soul and dictate your immediate response to the very thought of childbirth.

If you are someone who grew up in a tribal village in the remotest parts of the rainforest, for example, and have only ever known childbirth to be a natural experience that is embraced with celebration then you are incredibly lucky.

Unfortunately the vast majority of us have not, and, however well-intentioned people may be, most of the impressions pushed upon us are that childbirth is painful, involves lots of screaming, lots of life-and-death scenarios, a smattering of drugs and a heavy dose of, "Well there’s only one way this baby is coming out, so push and get it over with".

In a word, terrifying.

That’s where I come in. I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way for you, thanks to the incredible journey that is Hypnobirthing.

Break the language down and remember the core of what we are talking about:

Childbirth. Child. Birth. The birth of your child.

Remember that by the time you are pregnant, you are in effect already a parent. What better way to declare your intentions for what kind of parent you will be than by empowering yourself with all the knowledge possible to ensure you give your child the best possible birth you can, the best possible birthing experience it (and you) deserves, and in the best possible environment for you both.

I’m not talking about hiding in a dark cupboard under the stairs and giving birth in a box like a cat. I’m talking about empowering yourself in the areas within your control – your mind, your space, your pace.

Your Mind: By taking back control of your impressions of childbirth, by releasing any fears or preconceived ideas, and by turning it into what you want it to be, you are creating a new pathway for your childbirthing experience. Your subconscious mind is waiting to be fed a new picture of how childbirth should be, so reprogramme it, harness its power and project that into your future.

Your Space: Where do you want to give birth? Who do you want with you? What can you control to create that environment, so that you feel safe, secure and comfortable while you are giving birth? What are your options?

Your Pace: So few people actually know the process of childbirth and what your body is actually doing. But by understanding the journey your body takes, you can be empowered to trust your body every step of the way. When you allow your body to childbirth at its own pace, there is no fear; and where there is no fear, there is no rush, no lack of control, no slowing down, no medical interventions. Just you and your connection with your body and your baby.

So what can our Hypnobirthing program do for you? It will turn you into an active participant in your pregnancy and your child's birth. This involves taking back the control, investing time and energy into what for some people is their first foray into parenting, and empowering yourself and your partner with everything you need so you can welcome your baby into the world with compassion and joy.

For those who already have experience in the realm of pregnancy, childbirth, or parenting, Hypnobirthing will give you the confidence to try another way for your next birth – your way. Your child, your body, your birthing experience.

Trust me, I speak from experience – after my first childbirth experience, I knew that there had to be another way, and there is. Hypnobirthing. The difference between my two birthing experiences means that I will always regret not having found hypnobirthing sooner. I actually feel sorry for my eldest son that I didn’t manage to give him the birth he deserved, as I know that if I’d used Hypnobirthing when I was pregnant with him, then we both would have had a completely different experience.

That’s why I’m passionate about Hypnobirthing - there is another way, it’s out there and it's available for everyone. You just have to ask yourself: What do I want for my childbirth experience? How do I want to welcome my baby into this world?

And if the answer is, "Without fear, only with love and compassion", then you’ve found your way to Hypnobirthing.


For more information on our Hypnobirthing course, please reach out to Tessa directly at

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