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Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Finally, there is a glimmer of light at the end of the Covid tunnel. Whilst we must never forget the sacrifices that have been made, the loved ones so many have lost, the opportunities, businesses, careers, expectations and dreams dashed and the medical staff worldwide who have given so much of themselves, it is time now to re-engage with life.

It is however, proving more daunting than anticipated. At Mind Solutions, we are seeing many clients who are saying they have lost confidence in themselves and their ability – and even the willingness – to get back on with ‘normal life’; they are looking for help and for answers.

The issue now is not the virus, but the longterm effects of living under such uncertainty. As a species, we are used to rising to challenges, but when we don’t know what is around the corner, we tend to fall apart and lose confidence in ourselves. Many of us are still recovering from the shock of falling apart and losing confidence in ourselves/our stability/careers/futures. It may take a while for us to make a full recovery – that can’t be changed.

But the process can be helped along a bit.

Below are a few of the suggestions that we are finding help our clients to ease their way back to full strength.

1. Set realistic expectations: Remember, pre-pandemic life was not perfect. Avoid idealising about how wonderful it is going to be to get back to ‘normal’. Those irritations and frustrations are still going to be there – traffic jams, crowded shops and trains, the annoying person in your office – all still there and now you may find you are less able to find the patience within you to cope. Plan calming strategies such as listening to music, taking a few deep breaths, going for a walk.

2. Respect your own values: Figure out in your mind what you think is safe in the way of masks, social distancing, sanitising and don’t be afraid to stick to what you are comfortable with.

3. Clarify your goals: Some have achieved amazing things during the lockdowns. Some were just happy to get through it. Now is the time to think about the future and start visualising achieving your goals. History shows that people who visualise their life beyond what they are going through are more likely to survive. Where do you see yourself in a year’s time, five years’ time? How are you going to achieve that? And then, take action!!

4. Be prepared: Work out your own contingency plans. What if there is another lockdown? What if there are further redundancies? What if schools close again? It’s an over used bit of advice but ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail’. Flexibility is the key to success.

5. Pay it forward: If you are lucky enough to be healthy and vaccinated, what can you do to help others less fortunate? Donating your resources whether that’s time, skills, money will help you feel good about yourself and about the world around you.

6. Take care of yourself: Just because you have survived, doesn’t mean that you are not still vulnerable, physically and emotionally. Our immune systems have not had to fight off the common cold and other common illnesses during the pandemic and there may be those who face a delayed reactions emotionally – grief, anger, depression, anxiety etc. Eat healthily. Exercise. Relax. Sleep. Spend time with loved ones. Rekindle friendships. Do things that make you feel good without feeling guilty or selfish.

These are just a few suggestions to get you back on track and, who knows, maybe you can find a silver lining to this transitionary time. Take it one day and one step at a time and celebrate your achievements, big and small, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Out of the ashes, a magnificent and stronger Phoenix is eagerly waiting to rise!


You can also watch our youtube video on the same subject of feeling overwhelmed, where we share concerns and worries, and provide further advice on how to take control and move forward with your life.

You can find the video here

The audio only podcast of this conversation is saved on our Free Resources page and available for listening.

There is also a FREE Hypnotherapy track available for download also on our Free Resources page titled - Rediscovering your motivation

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