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Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Did you know that you can replace every organ in your body – except your brain!

Your brain is responsible for everything that goes on in your body and mind – including your thoughts, your feelings, your actions and reactions.

We all take care of our physical health but ignore our mental health until it’s really bothering us or almost beyond repair. Why don’t we prioritise regular checkups for our mental health by checking in with a therapist on a regular basis? I know my daughters and I do because even therapists need help sometimes!!

I listened to a great podcast today between Dr Chatterjee and Dr Drew Ramsey, a nutritional psychiatrist and author of a book I am dying to read; Eat to Beat Depression and Anxiety (see link below) and I came home inspired enough to make a tuna salad with red beans, nuts, seeds, tomatoes, mushrooms etc with an olive oil dressing rather than grabbing the usual ham baguette. My husband looked askance (he’d have a ham baguette every day if he could) but tucked in and said he enjoyed it. Certainly, I enjoyed mine, knowing that it was giving my brain what it needed – nutrition!! Did it take long to prepare? Maybe an additional few minutes, but I think my brain, which apparently, I can’t replace, deserves all the love and respect I can give it.

Check out the podcast and start taking steps to look after your brain today.

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