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“I came out of the hypnosis some time later, shocked to discover my face wet with tears. The revelation: I had most likely been using a lack of punctuality and disorganisation as a way of gathering attention, even if I was not conscious that I was doing so.”

Powerful article in The National about a UAE woman who used hypnosis and hypnotherapy as a means of therapy to conquer her continual inability to be on time:

“The inability to be on time has plagued me my whole life. Being late has been the cause of a miserable school career and created unnecessary strife throughout adult life.

You might think it was simple to fix, and suggest that I wake up an hour earlier, get things ready the night before or set two alarm clocks. The list goes on and I have tried them all. To no avail.

Driven to distraction by the problem, coupled with a stern message from my boss on punctuality, I decided it was time to address this issue head on."

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