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Over the years of being therapists, we have encountered many questions regarding hypnotherapy and how it can help with weight reduction.

It is only natural that people will have concerns and doubts about how something as simple as hypnosis can help where diets and other interventions have failed so miserably, over and over again.

When people contact us, whether by phone or email, they are so relieved to hear how we can help them to make the changes they need to make to achieve the results they are looking for and are almost always then excited and impatient to be able to book their sessions and get started as soon as possible!

For those who would prefer to seek that reassurance before contacting us directly, we are delighted to be able to answer those questions for you here.

We hope that this gives you the motivation that you need to make that decision and take the first step towards resolving your weight and health challenges easily and permanently.

Can you hypnotise yourself to lose weight?


Hypnosis enables us to communicate with and reprogram the habits and emotional responses of our subconscious mind.

If every time you feel stressed, you look for chocolate or when you eat you find yourself unable to waste food because it was drummed into you as a child, these programs need to be changed so that you develop a more healthy relationship with food, permanently.

In many cases, where people are struggling to lose weight, it is unconscious habits and emotional responses that they have developed or learned during their life-time.

These unconscious and negative patterns of behaviour are triggered by the subconscious mind so, in order to make the necessary changes, we need to work with the subconscious mind and that is where hypnosis comes into play.

Is hypnotherapy really effective?

Hypnotherapy is extremely effective in handling all sorts of situations, challenges, issues, goals as it is a therapy that addresses the subconscious mind.

If done professionally, it can create effective and permanent change in the way a person thinks and behaves leading to positive results and better quality of life.

Can everyone be hypnotized?

Everyone is capable of being hypnotised – even the most skeptical of people will and do go into hypnosis on a regular basis.

It is just like day dreaming – the conscious part of our mind gets distracted and then the subconscious mind, our auto pilot, takes over.

There are, however, people who should not be hypnotised which is why it is important to only consult with a properly qualified hypnotherapist.

How do you hypnotise yourself to stop eating?

No one would want to be hypnotised to stop eating altogether but repeatedly listening to a recording of a hypnosis track can help you to eat only when you are genuinely hungry, be more in control of your portion sizes, help you to start eating in the right way ie slowly and mindfully and overcome emotional eating.

Is it possible to hypnotize yourself?

Self-hypnosis can be a very relaxing and effective tool and is very easy to learn. It is very similar to meditation.

How can I set my mind to lose weight?

Our thoughts lead to our beliefs and our actions.

If we start believing in our ability to successfully make the necessary changes to enable us to lose weight and keep following this up with positive affirmations and hypnosis, we can change our mind to work for us and with us rather than against us.

How do you trick yourself into not eating?

We don’t want to trick ourselves into NOT eating altogether but there are some neat little tricks to help us reduce the amount that we eat:

  • Using a smaller plate

  • Using smaller cutlery

  • Drinking a big glass of water to see if we are maybe just confusing hunger with thirst

  • Getting into the habit of asking yourself if you are actually genuinely hungry or eating from habit or for emotional reasons

How do you stay committed to lose weight?

Commitment comes from within. Set realistic goals and make yourself accountable in some way.

We encourage our clients to come back every week initially to check they are on target.

It is good to make a list of rewards and each time you reach a target, give yourself a nice treat to acknowledge your achievements.

If you haven’t, then you need to do a forfeit – clean up the beach for an hour, give money to a charity, babysit for a friend.

Keep your ultimate goal in mind and never give up believing in yourself.

How can I motivate myself to lose weight?

Make yourself a star chart and give yourself a star for every good thing you do towards losing the weight.

For example, if you were to go to the gym, drink a liter of water, not eat chocolate for a week then you would give yourself a star - and then give yourself a reward when you reach 30 stars.

How do you stay positive when trying to lose weight?

Keep visualizing how you are going to look when you reach your goal, how is it going to impact your life, health, happiness and keep that image firmly in your mind.

With everything in life, the first step is the most difficult – once you get started, be patient and take each day at a time – you will soon start to see results.

Is it hard to lose weight?

It is not hard to lose weight once you get your mind around it and work out what it is you want to achieve and why.

Your body naturally wants to be healthy.

You just need to start listening to it and working with it.

How do I get serious about losing weight?

Make a commitment to yourself.

Set yourself a goal – how much do you want to lose and when by.

Work out a plan of action and then stick to it.

If you know that you are not good at sticking to things, seek professional help either from a therapist or nutritionist or personal trainer or a combination of all three! There is no shame in asking for help.

How can I stay on a diet without cheating?

Hypnosis will help you to make the right choices, using the wonderful power of the subconscious mind.

When we rely on will power, a function of the conscious mind, we are relying on less than 10% of the capacity of our mind.

By using hypnosis and reprogramming our subconscious mind, the other 90+%, we have a much better chance of being successful by getting us to eat the right things at the right time and in the right way without having to even think about it!

How do you really hypnotize someone?

Hypnosis is a very natural state of mind that we all go into all the time – it is exactly the same as daydreaming – but the therapist is guiding you into that lovely, relaxed state by distracting your conscious mind using images and suggestions.

A commonly used technique is to get the client to close their eyes, take a couple of nice breaths, relax all the muscles throughout the body, visualise a lovely beach, garden, peaceful room or something of that nature and then then client drops easily and quickly into that dreamy trance like state so that we can then work with the subconscious mind.

It’s very relaxing and enjoyable and the client is always in control.

Can meditation help me lose weight?


Meditation can help us achieve many changes in our lives by enabling us to focus the mind on what we want and work out possible ways to achieve it.

Does hypnosis work for sugar addiction?

Sugar addiction is a very common issue that is very easily resolved using hypnosis.

The body quickly gets addicted to sugar because it triggers off the pleasure zones in the brain and the mind wants to keep us permanently happy.

As babies, when we were feeling cold, wet, in pain, tired, hungry, lonely etc we would cry and then someone would pick us up and feed us and whether it was breast or formula milk, it would have been sweet and at the same time they would have been cuddling us so from day one, we learned to associate being nurtured and secure with something satisfying and sweet.

How much do hypnotherapists charge?

There are varying charges, usually depending upon the expertise and experience of the therapist. It is always best to check out the charges and find out as much about the therapist as possible before a session.

At Mind Solutions, our fees are listed on our website, or you can contact us for a specific quotation.

What can I expect from hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a technique used by a therapist to help people make changes in their mind set to enable them to overcome issues, achieve goals, get a better quality of life.

You should feel a lot more positive about your situation after just one session of hypnosis as you will have had a chance to share your concerns, identify goals, receive impartial and positive feedback and encouragement from your therapist and leave with a sense of empowerment and, more often than not, relief that you have taken that first step.

Can hypnosis help with food cravings?

Food cravings are almost always emotionally triggered and usually for the wrong foods – not many people seek help for a craving for broccoli!

During a session with a hypnotherapist, you will be able to identify the emotional triggers and work out better ways of handling the emotions.

Food never solves any problems other than pure physical hunger so if you are feeling stressed – chocolate and crisps are not the solution!

What is Weight loss therapy?

Weight loss therapy is a way of working with and changing the mindset of our clients regarding food to enable them to see food for what it is – simply a source of fuel and nutrition.

As weigh loss therapists, we help our clients to develop a healthy relationship with food.

Food itself is not the issue – it is the amount of food, the way we eat it, where, when and how we eat it and more importantly, why.

These are the things that we need to work with and change when doing weight loss therapy.

We also work on all other aspects of a client’s life style, such as: exercise, stress levels, sleep patterns, hydration levels, what they do to relax etc.

What is the best procedure to lose weight?

To lose weight, a person needs to eat healthily, exercise, drink lots of water, reduce stress levels, get quality sleep, enjoy life and believe in themselves.

The easiest way to help a client achieve the changes necessary to achieve these changes to their life-style easily and permanently is hypnosis.

Can therapy help you lose weight?

There are many therapies that can help a person lose weight but hypnosis is considered to be the most effective and we have helped many clients successfully reach their weight loss goals that had eluded them in the past when trying to do it on their own.

How much weight can you lose by drinking water?

Drinking water can not help you lose weight on its own but very often, people confuse feelings of dehydration with feelings of hunger and so reach for food rather than drinking a glass of water.

If, every time a person feels hungry, they were to drink a big glass of water, they may find the hunger goes away.

If they are genuinely hungry, the water will have the effect of reducing their appetite.

Being hydrated also makes us feel more energetic and positive so helps us feel more inclined to be active, exercise and feel good about ourselves.

How do you mentally lose weight?

What I tell a lot of my clients is ‘live as if you have already achieved your goal’. Visualise how your life is going to be so much better once you achieve that goal and keep playing that movie over and over in your mind.

  • Don’t put off exercising until you have lost some weight – start now! Don’t worry about what others think. If you are out there exercising, you are already one step ahead of the person still lying on the sofa feeling sorry for themselves.

  • Stop hiding behind baggy, ill-fitting clothes.

  • Stop obsessing about everything you eat. Eat when you are hungry and stop when you start to feel comfortably full.

  • Dispose of your bathroom scales. Obsessing about the number on the scale is going to make you depressed and demotivated – it is how you feel that is important. As you start to feel your clothes loosen, you know you are on track towards your healthy weight goal!

Will physical therapy help me lose weight?

Physical exercise will obviously help you to reduce weight but only if combined with a healthy eating and drinking regime.

Eat less and move more is sound advice but only if you are eating the right things to fuel and repair your muscles.

Don’t destroy the benefits of having done a 5 k walk or and hour in the gym by then rewarding yourself with a coke and a donut! Your body needs protein and healthy carbs to repair and regenerate. Not sugar.

How can I force myself to lose weight?

Forcing ourselves to do anything usually has the opposite effect, particularly if we see it as painful or hard work.

Remember how your mum used to force you to eat sprouts or do your homework – you fought against it and hated every moment!

Get back in touch with who you are and what you want out of life and then start working towards that goal because you want to rather than feel you have to.

By eating healthily, drinking plenty of water, getting some exercise, reducing your stress levels and getting some good quality sleep rather than staying up all night watching Netflix, you will give your body the fuel it needs to produce the hormones it requires to help you lose weight. It is as simple as that.

Without those wonderful fat burning hormones doing their job, you will never lose weight.

How do you shock your body to lose weight?

You can of course shock your body into losing weight by starving it or cutting out one or more food groups but it will only be a temporary fix – after 10 days or so, your body will stop producing fat burning hormones and start storing fat instead and the weight loss will slow down and you will start putting the weight back on – and a bit more too usually!

Yo-yo dieting and weight loss is unhealthy for the body and the mind so best avoided!

How do I train myself not to eat?

Eating can become very habitual.

We wake up, have breakfast.

Then it’s 10.30 so we have coffee and a snack.

Then the clock tells us it’s lunch time so we eat lunch.

Then it’s mid afternoon and we are feeling the energy slump so we have an afternoon snack.

Then it’s dinner time and well, a day wouldn’t be complete without that bowl of ice cream or some chocolate.

And that is what habitual eating looks like – 24/7 and of course a little worse on weekends! So, start by getting into the habit of asking yourself – am I genuinely hungry?

If you wake up in the morning and you are not hungry because you’ve had a late dinner the night before, don’t eat. Wait until your body tells you it needs fuel.

Treat your body with the same respect you treat your car – When the gauge is near empty, fill it with good quality fuel and then wait for the gauge to be near empty again before filling up on more fuel. You don’t need to stop at every petrol station on the way!!

Why can't I motivate myself to lose weight?

Weight issues often stem from a loss of identity. Life’s hurdles take away our motivation, energy and self belief.

Get back in touch with who you are and what you want from life and then focus on that.

Imagine you are at a fork in the road – the road the right is the bumpy, unhealthy road you’ve been following. The road to the right is the good road which leads to better health, happiness and quality of life.

Which road are you going to take now that you are back in touch with who you are and what you want?

How do you trick yourself to not be hungry?

Actually, the mind plays tricks with us, making us think we are hungry when we are simply dehydrated or bored or tired or stressed.

Every time you feel hungry have a glass of water, take a couple of deep breathes and ask yourself what you really do need.

Sometimes, just having 10 almonds and eating them slowly and mindfully, is enough to trick yourself into not being hungry!

Or even go for a ten-minute walk. You will be surprised at how quickly those hunger pangs disappear.

Is it hard to lose weight?

It is surprisingly easy to lose weight, when you approach it in a healthy way.

The problem isn’t losing it but keeping it off, which is why dieting alone doesn’t work. Dieting is only a temporary solution and it doesn’t address the underlying relationship issues with food.

Hypnotherapy helps to identify and resolve those issues, easily and permanently.

How do I lose weight with no motivation?

Motivation is key to achieving anything in our lives.

Just getting out of bed in the morning is difficult without motivation.

So, create motivation by thinking of the benefits of achieving a healthy weight - How will your quality of life improve when you are at a weight that makes you feel confident, proud, energetic and happy?

Once you have that picture in your mind, keep replaying it, over and over until your subsconscious mind starts to believe in it and will then help you to achieve it.

What we can conceive, we can believe and then achieve and hypnosis makes that easy!

How do I stay committed to lose weight?

Keep the motivation going by setting yourself targets, making an achievable plan of action, give yourself small rewards as you reach certain milestones, don’t lose sight of the end picture, listen to hypnosis, repeat affirmations, keep a journal, make a vision board.

All these little tricks will keep your mind focused and committed to success!

How can I lose 5 lbs in 2 weeks?

Losing 5 lbs in 2 weeks is easily achievable but you want to make sure it is not just a temporary loss of water or muscle mass.

When working with our weight loss clients, we aim for a minimum weight loss of 1 kg of FAT each and every week and over 90% of our clients achieve this and more by following the simple guidelines and listening to hypnosis.

How can I reduce my stomach fat?

Stomach fat is excess fuel that has been stored in our fat cells in case of a famine situation.

To reduce stomach fat, you need to stop over production of hormones that tell your body to store fat.

Reducing sugars and unhealthy carbohydrates and cutting back on the frequency of eating by intermittent fasting will help your body to start using up that unwanted fat storage.

Also, cut back on anything that triggers excessive adrenalin in the body as this triggers the release of insulin and slows down our metabolism and tells our body to store fat – stress, smoking, caffeine, alcohol and over-exercising are all major triggers of adrenalin.

How can I lose a lb a day?

It is unrealistic to expect to lose 1lb a day if you want to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way but if you cut out unhealthy foods 90% of the time, eat only enough to fuel your activity, take plenty of exercise and drink plenty of water, you will see results that are permanent.

So, we hope that we have been able to answer your questions and give you that peace of mind and confidence to make that first important step by contacting us either by phone or email so that we can then answer any remaining questions and set up your therapy sessions as soon as you are ready to start on your own, personal weight reduction journey!

We look forward to welcoming you to Mind Solutions soon and to helping you to reach your goals and dreams! Don’t delay – a happier, healthier and more confident you is just one step away.

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