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With six vaping shops about to open in the UAE, it’s time to clear away the smokescreen masking the truth about vaping and E-cigarettes. Despite being pitched as an innocent quit smoking aid, vape is a wolf in sheep’s clothing for young people in Dubai.

The scary and unbranded packaging, the warnings and the exorbitant costs – none of these have had much impact on the sales of cigarettes worldwide and the profits that cigarette manufacturers are making each year from an addictive behaviour that kills thousands of people every day.

And now they have found another way to get people addicted – e-cigarettes and vaping.

How dangerous is Vaping?

Marketed as the latest, sweet-tasting, nice-smelling fashion accessory, the sad thing about vaping is that cigarette companies have no qualms about making this new trend highly attractive to children.

The reality is that vaping has not been around long enough for us to fully understand the health implications of ingesting this chemical-laden vapour into your lungs but, today, there have been 450 cases of young people being hospitalised because of vaping in the USA alone.

How can you tell if your teenager is Vaping?

The problem is that your teenager could be vaping in their bedroom, at school, at parties with their friends without you even having a clue.

Firstly, because vaping leaves no smell – any trace of it has evaporated within seconds.

Secondly, the devices are so small – often not much larger than a USB stick – that they are easily concealed.

Modern Vapes can be no larger than a USB stick, and so are easy to conceal

What does vaping do to your body?

So for those who have yet to understand what vaping and e-cigarettes are all about or are concerned their children may be at risk of being encouraged to start vaping, here are some alarming facts that will enable you to make an informed decision about how to proceed:

  • The Vitamin E in E-cigarettes is very good for the skin. But when it is breathed in, it clogs up the bronchial tubes and decreases the blood flow and oxygen to the heart.

  • The glycerin that contains the nicotine, along with solvents and chemicals, is heated up by the device to 180 degrees. When it hits the bronchial tubes and lungs, it crystalises. This puts vapers at huge risk of cardiovascular, bronchial and lung disease and has lead to a terrifying new condition known as ‘popcorn’ lung.

  • Young people in particular are much more at risk as their brains and lungs are far more vulnerable and often still growing.

  • Whatever the level of nicotine in the liquid, it is still the most easily available addictive substance in the world!

  • The damaging symptoms from vaping are noticeable in the body after just one hour, in terms of higher blood pressure and increased heart rate.

  • 52 percent of people who are first-time heart attack sufferers are smokers.

  • Despite there being no burning, the e-cigarette still delivers many toxic chemicals at very high temperatures – the only difference with smoking cigarettes being that there is no tar.

If you, or someone you know, would like to stop vaping, we at Mind Solutions have had years of experience helping patients permanently quit smoking, vaping and other similar addictions. Interested in finding out more? Just get in touch and let us know how we can help.

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