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Psychotherapy transforms emotions and behaviours in clients and creates positive change in the brain and body resulting in improved mental, emotional and physical health, fewer medical problems and a quality of life and contentment that our clients can look forward to enjoying for the rest of their lives.

What is

Sometimes referred to as a talk based therapy, psychotherapy involves a professional meeting with an adult, a child, a couple or a family  to help them work through issues which are affecting their wellbeing or preventing them from reaching their full potential in life.

Although a type of therapy in itself, psychotherapy is also an umbrella term for many other types of therapy – some of which we use in our sessions, such as hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and visualisation techniques.

Whilst open, honest sharing is certainly an important part of psychotherapy, it does not only involve talking about your problems but is also about identifying solutions, changes and new, realistic and achievable goals. And while the past may be reviewed and discussed to help explain or understand certain things in your life or the way you are feeling now, we prefer to focus on the present – mindful self- healing in the present, to help you lay down the foundations for a happier, more fulfilling future.

Your psychotherapist may ask you to do some work outside of the sessions, such as keeping a journal, trying new activities, exposing yourself to certain situations, exercising, eating a healthy diet, getting more sleep, adjusting your work/life balance and more.

We prefer to take a very holistic approach to therapy and healing, looking at all aspects of your life and changing the ones that are negatively impacting it. In this way, the therapy moves out of the therapy room and into your everyday life in the form of new behaviours, new reactions, better perspectives and generally a more positive and robust emotional well-being.

Whereas hypnotherapy deals with issues in a short period of time, usually four sessions or less, psychotherapy can involve just a few sessions or can be held over a longer period of time, depending on the nature and depth of the issue. When used together, these two types of therapy – hypnotherapy and psychotherapy – are extremely powerful and effective, often in a surprisingly short space of time.

Psychotherapy can help people work through and process a wide variety of issues and worries, such as stress, anxiety, depression, phobias and fears, identifying and achieving well-being, lifestyle, sports, career goals, addictions, traumas (past or recent), grief, illness and pain, job changes, relationship difficulties and much more.

According to the American Psychological Association, it has been proven that psychotherapy improves emotions and behaviours in clients and that it is linked to positive changes in the brain and body, resulting in fewer sick days, less disability, fewer medical problems and increased life satisfaction. Additionally, they report that using brain imaging, they have seen that brain changes resulting from psychotherapy are similar to changes resulting from medication.

As with all Mind Solutions therapies and programs, confidentiality is of utmost importance in our psychotherapy consultations and your therapist will help you in a non-judgmental, empathetic and caring way to understand why your are experiencing the challenges and symptoms, get to the root cause and provide the solutions you need to get back on track as quickly as possible.

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