Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy - the easiest and most effective way of quitting smoking or vaping, permanently!

There is no easier way to stop smoking than with HYPNOTHERAPY, combined with NLP and CBT.

Our stop smoking therapy is highly successful and simple to follow and we make it as much fun as possible - just check out our reviews to find out more.


Both sessions encompass NLP and CBT techniques to highlight the sources of your cravings, before a final hypnosis session reprogrammes your subconscious mind.

You will have your final cigarette prior to this hypnosis and then leave as a happy, healthy non-smoker – for life!

5 hours of individual therapy over 2 sessions.

Personalised hypnosis sessions and ongoing support by email or Whatsapp. 

Reprogram your mind and remove cravings.

Proven track record of Success with NLP & CBT.


Ready to Smoke Your Last Cigarette?

Clients who successfully leave their smoking habit in the past using our stop smoking method often say how much they regret not doing it sooner so don't delay taking this important step towards a healthier you!