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Let us help you rediscover the joy in your life by
showing you how to take back control. 


Stress, Anxiety, Panic Attacks
and Depression 

control, hopeless and overwhelmed, leading to vulnerability, anxiety, depression and stress related health issues such as stomach ulcers, hypertension, IBS, migraines.

The World Health Organization reports that stress and anxiety disorders are the most common mental disorders worldwide with 1 in 13 adults, globally, suffering from anxiety. However, only about 35 percent of adults that suffer from stress and anxiety related disorders will actually seek treatment, despite the fact that anxiety is a leading precursor to depression.

At Mind Solutions, we understand the importance of treating stress and anxiety related symptoms with care and consideration, knowing how detrimental it can be to a person’s emotional and mental well-being.  By using a combination of hypnotherapy, NLP and other talk-based therapies, we  help our clients to address their issues by examining the triggers – past and present.


Whether you can already identify a previous trauma or childhood experience, that you think triggered the anxiety or whether that cause is hidden from you, by reprogramming the subconscious mind and changing the outdated responses with new positive reactions, you will start to be able to handle previously difficult situations with positivity and ease.

Our approach is all about empowering you to take control of your thoughts, feelings and reactions so you can deal with any situation which comes your way.  We are here to be with you throughout your journey back into the light!

Is your quality of life being negatively impacted by your feelings of anxiety and stress?  Are your panic attacks making you feel afraid and vulnerable?

If you are shouting out a resounding 'YES!', read below and then contact us for a complimentary consultation to get your life back on track!


We all experience some degree of stress in our lives and from time to time and in certain situations, it can be very helpful. It might help you with a football match or a gym session you want to smash or a job interview or give a presentation that you are worried about.  However, if it builds up and is not dealt with, it can leave you feeling out of

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