How does VGB work?

We make this Virtual Gastric Band program as much fun as possible and focus on getting healthy rather than just losing weight. The first session is a very interactive, information harvesting session – we need to know what changes are required to reach your goals.

The second and third sessions address those issues, goals, changes of behaviour and as you are all intelligent adults, we not only advise you on what to do but why, so it makes it that much easier to make the right choices.


The fourth session is when we do the virtual gastric band operation, in hypnosis, to enable you to cut back naturally on your portion sizes. Don’t worry – we are not about to perform actual surgery in our therapy room! It is actually a very relaxing and interesting session, during which our clients are shocked that anyone would even consider the real operation unless they were totally without any other options!


Is VGB really effective for Weight Loss?

The amazing thing about this weight management program is that, because we use hypnosis to help you make the changes, we are changing the faulty programming in your subconscious mind so that you make the right choices without even having to think about it rather than having to rely on your will power which, as we all know, has its limitations – which is why most of our new year’s resolutions last a maximum of 23 days!

So, if you are curious to find out more about this highly successful and somewhat innovative therapy to learn how it can help you get the body and shape you want and improve your life style and health, easily and permanently, please do contact us for more information and join our many clients who have successfully, easily and permanently left weight problems in the past and are now enjoying a happier, healthier, energetic and self-confident way of life.

"Anna Yates has been the miracle i was searching for. She has been helping me deal with my anxieties, has given me real effective tools to deal with life's challenges. Highly recommend Mind Solutions"



The Mind Solutions villa is situated near Umm Al Sheif Street in Umm Suqeim 1. We pride ourselves on our comfortable, reassuring and confidential environment.  The villa is on a quiet road with no signage so very discreet - no need to wait in a busy reception area or have to explain to anyone why you are there.  


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