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What is Virtual Gastric Band Therapy?

Virtual Gastric Band therapy is a highly effective, 4 session program designed specifically for clients who wish to reduce their weight by 6kgs/1 stone or more.

This easy and fun solution to your weight issues shows you how to get your body to help you reach a weight that is optimum for you and keep it off, permanently.

By using hypnosis and NLP techniques, your will soon find yourself making the right choices without having to use will power!

Is VGB a Diet?

You will be surprised and relieved to hear that Virtual Gastric Band therapy has nothing to do with dieting.


Diets usually don’t work, long term. What we do is change your relationship with food, permanently.


Using a combination of hypnosis, NLP and other techniques, this four session program will reprogram not just what you are eating but how much you are eating, why you are eating, where and when and how you are eating so that you feel you are in control rather than being controlled by your cravings for food and this allows you to get on with your life, never again having to worry about your weight.

As weight issues are clearly not just what we eat, we also look at all other areas of your life; How much water are you drinking? What other things are you drinking that are adding to your weight issue? How much sleep are you getting? How much stress are you coping with in your life? What do you do to relax?

We also look at how much exercise are you doing. We all know it is not all about exercise, but you have muscles for a reason and the more you use them, the easier it is to reduce your weight, so walk… whenever possible. Even if you only walk for 5 minutes every hour, that’s nearly an hour of exercise during the day and gets your circulation moving, gives your eyes a break from the laptop screen and a chance to take a few relaxing deep breaths and clear your mind.

How does VGB work?

We make this Virtual Gastric Band program as much fun as possible and focus on getting healthy rather than just losing weight. The first session is a very interactive, information harvesting session – we need to know what changes are required to reach your goals.

The second and third sessions address those issues, goals, changes of behaviour and as you are all intelligent adults, we not only advise you on what to do but why, so it makes it that much easier to make the right choices.


The fourth session is when we do the virtual gastric band operation, in hypnosis, to enable you to cut back naturally on your portion sizes. Don’t worry – we are not about to perform actual surgery in our therapy room! It is actually a very relaxing and interesting session, during which our clients are shocked that anyone would even consider the real operation unless they were totally without any other options!


Is VGB really effective for Weight Loss?

The amazing thing about this weight management program is that, because we use hypnosis to help you make the changes, we are changing the faulty programming in your subconscious mind so that you make the right choices without even having to think about it rather than having to rely on your will power which, as we all know, has its limitations – which is why most of our new year’s resolutions last a maximum of 23 days!

So, if you are curious to find out more about this highly successful and somewhat innovative therapy to learn how it can help you get the body and shape you want and improve your life style and health, easily and permanently, please do contact us for more information and join our many clients who have successfully, easily and permanently left weight problems in the past and are now enjoying a happier, healthier, energetic and self-confident way of life.