Weight Management and

Virtual Gastric Band Therapy

What happens in our Weight Management Therapy Programs and which one is best for you?

The key difference between our Virtual Gastric Band therapy (VGB) and our Weight Management program is the weight loss goal.


VGB is for clients looking to lose 10kg or more while Weight Management is for clients looking to lose 5kg to 10kg i.e. that stubborn post-baby weight or last few pounds when trying to get to a more healthy weight.

As we tell our weight management clients, it’s not WHAT you are eating that is the problem but Why, Where, When, How & How much you are eating that matters.  


The sessions also incorporate a combination of NLP and CBT together with lots of information on nutrition to encourage you to rethink your attitude towards food, eating and drinking and move away from the whole dieting concept.


We take a very holistic approach to both our weight management therapies by looking at the bigger picture – hydration levels, stress levels, sleep quality, exercise, relationships, career, hormones and overall life style.

Often, due to childhood influences, we have developed unhealthy eating habits and link food to negative emotions but this mindset can be easily changed through simple reprogramming of the subconscious mind, with excellent and permanent results, using a combination of hypnosis, NLP and CBT.

Hypnosis For Weight Loss: How it works

During the hypnosis sessions you are frequently asked to picture yourself looking slim, attractive, healthy, toned and happy, so that your subconscious mind then accepts this vision as your new self-image that you are working towards.


Once this new vision of yourself is deeply embedded in your subconscious mind, it becomes far more attractive to you than the temptation of eating something that will make it harder for you to reach your goal and your subconscious will be helping you every step of the way to achieve your goal.  In other words, the long-term benefits of being slim and healthy far outweigh the short-term, instant gratification you may get from eating a piece of chocolate cake, for example.

We will encourage you to keep coming regularly for weight checks until you reach your goal weight and will be with you every step of the way to help you avoid those demotivating plateaus and keep help you to evaluate and adjust what you are doing to enable you to reduce your weight in a healthy and positive way and keep it off permanently.

Having an efficient digestive system is crucial to our physical and emotional well-being. Unfortunately, when we have an unhealthy relationship with food, this can create a negative impact on all areas of our life and lead to anxiety and depression, low energy levels, insomnia and muscle loss.


It is in our intestine that many of our hormones are produced and we need the environment within our digestive system to be as healthy as possible by eating healthily, slowly and consciously.

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